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The winner collects his prize

Champ walks off

ASO Cup-winners

Alan Smee collects 2nd place

Prizes awaiting recepients

Hans Bugge, Mini Tournament winner

Mel collects 3rd place price

TD's mess of a control center

The other Siemsen returns to ASL tourneys

Henrik Sannesson looking on

Hopeful Derek looks on

Toby sending a message

Timo falling asleep ?

The Swedish Corner

Martin vs. Martin.

Friendly Gamers. Champs, noobs,
rule guru and old ASL vet

The always happy Mr. Corrigan

Mr.T looking on at his African Brothers

Ward vs. Peyre enjoying themselves

A pair of african brothers,
from Sweden. Thats Carlssons hand

The beautiful African Brothers map

Alan Smee prepares to give Mel Hart Attack

Falk vs. Smee Hart Attack

Andreas Carlsson looking happier than
Håkan Isaksson

Spare the damn Pagoda, Håkan !

Dont trust him Jes, he's a swede !

Toby digs deep to defend the human wave

full focus

Starting to looked concerned, Martin

And a bit like giving up.

Tense final game

TD Hastrup-Leth looking on

Praying for the win, Alan ?

Smee looking for a way

ASO 2013 final, end game

Smee looking worried as the final
result is tallied