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PBS, SSR and Clarifications

PBS, Scenario Special Rules and Clarifications for ASO 2019
Scenarios not yet decided


We were using the PBS System at ASO 2018. This is from the ASO Rules:

For those who are unfamiliar with PBS, this is how it works:

FB 13-Don’t Economize (player B vs player A)

This scenario favors the Russians. Player Abid Russians giving 4 points. player B bids Russians giving up 5 points. player B wins the bid as he is giving up more points to play the Russians (if it were a tie, you dice off for the Russians).

A-(1 point) Delete a Russian DC
B-(2 points) Exchange Russian 9-2 for a 9-1
C-(2 points) Russians get 6PP instead of 7PP in SSR 6
D-(2 points) Delete a 447
E-(3 points) Delete a 458

player A is playing the Germans since he lost the bid but player A gets to pick the 5 points from the above table that will weaken the Russian chances for victory and balance out the scenario. player A picks A,C and D for 5 points. player A sets up as the Axis and player B is playing Russians minus a DC, minus a 447 and receiving only 6PP per SSR 6. 

The player losing the bid can pick any amount of points up to the bid number (5 points in this one) from the above table.

Each balance provision can only be picked one time.

Cross bids will be honored. Meaning if Player A bids 3 points for the Russians and Player B bids 2 points for the Germans both sides will be able to make balancing selections.

ZERO bids for a side and NO BIDS are legal.