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Scenarios at ASL Scandinavian Open 2021:

First round, early start
1 ) BoF16 "Saluting a General" (G2/ R5)
*ASO SSR "Delete a Russian 447 and Exchange two PzIIIG to two PzIIIH"
2 ) SP241 "Esebeck*s Pursuit" (G14/ F9)
*ASO clarification; the 3 motorcycles with sidecar, in German OB, is squad sized German bid points,
3 ) J178 Old Friends" (G27/ A34)

First round, late start
1 ) BoF23 "Anhalt Pandemonium" (G2/ R3)
2 ) 231 "In Front of The Storm" (G16 / F9)
*ASO SSR "Exchange a German 467 for a 247 OB"
3 ) SP150 "The Legrew Manoeuvre" (G35/ A39)

Second round
1 ) WO33 "One Eyed Jacques" (G23/ F25)
2 ) SP269 "Retaking Kharkov" (G13/ R6)
*ASO SSR "Delete one PzIIIN from German OB"
3 ) WO31 "Ma Deuce Delivers" (G15/ A25)
*ASO SSR "Exchange one 666 for a 346"

Third round
1 ) DB157 "Morning Massacre" (G8/ A11)
2 ) BoF17 "No Time to Bleed" (G3/ R0)
3 ) RPT139 "Mauled at Merdorp" (G13/ F16)

Fourth round
1) AP 169 "The Beasts have arrived" (R5/G6)
2) 233 "Failure to Communicate" (G6/ F8)
*ASO SSR "Exchange one French 458 for a 248"
3) AP100 "Coal in Their Stockings" (G38/ A40)

Fifth round
1 ) SP220 "Hoepner's Edict" (G7/F14)
*ASO SSR "Add a PzIIF to German OB"
2 ) J63 "Silesian Interlude" (G114/R133)
3 ) SP204 "Yankee Pride" (G44/A45)
*ASO SSR clarification; "Tanks Bog in their Exit hex when ascending, and in the entry hex when descending. There is a -1 DRM to the coloured die, in the D8.3 Bog Removal dr."