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Scenarios at ASL Scandinavian Open 2019:

1st long round
SP 267 "Death's Head Debut" R4/ G6
FrF 93 "Wiener Waltzer" R3/G3
HF 8 " Fahrenheit 352"

1st short round;
FrF 95 "Blood Red Snow" R1/ G3
SV 12 "Trap by Mishap" R10/ G16
SP 97 "Twilight of the Reich" R29/ G32

2nd round;
DTF-5 "AK 44" P5/ G1
FrF 100 "Deutsch Lesson"
HF 3 "First Timers"

3rd round;
DTF-6 "Magnificent Beast's of Prey" R1/ G4
FrF 98 "Amerikanskya Suka" R3/ G2
HF 6 "Jackpot Jones" G4/ A3

4th round:
Secret round

5th round:
AP 90 "Smashing the Hook" J33/ B21 (*ASO balance; delete one 237 from Japanese OB)
RPT 76 "Europa Plantation" J5/ B3
AP 65 "Baw Drop" J34/ B24 (*ASO balance; Exchange british 8-0 for a 8-1)