When, Where & How expensive ?

- The dates for ASO 2019 are February 27-March 3. The main tournament will run Friday through Sunday. There will be Friendly gaming wednesday and thursday.

- The tournament will be held at Danhostel Copenhagen, on Amager. It is a venue that is easy to get to from the Copenhagen Airport or if you arrive by train as there is a Metro Station very near by.

Danhostel Copenhagen Amager

The Gaming Room

This is the website of the Danhostel Copenhagen, Amager.

The cost to participate, will depend on your preferred accommodations. These price covers the Tournament fee linnen and towels for your room as well as breakfast, + lunch and dinners for the duration of your stay:

Wednesday through Sunday (Full monty) - 275 Euros
Thursday through Sunday - 250 Euros
Friday through Sunday (Main ASO Tournament) - 190 Euros

In addition you will have to pay for a room to sleep in. The cost of that depends on how many you are willing to share a room with (rooms include shower and bathroom).

1-person room, Approximately 73 Euros per night per person
2-person room, Approximately 41 Euros per night per person
3-person room, Approximately 32 Euros per night per person
4-person room, Approximately 30 Euros per night per person

Let us know your preferred sleeping accommodations and we will work out a specific price for you. We will handle all arrangements with Danhostel. All you have to do is tell us what you prefer and submit payment to us. Payment must be sent to the following paypal-account - hastrupleth@gmail.com

You will be required to pre-register and submit payment up front, via paypal.

If you are not interested in the dining at the hotel we can give you directions to the central town where you can find various restaurants. It will of course reduce the price.

Tournament adress:

Danhostel Copenhagen Amager
Vejlands Allé 200
2300København S
Telephone number: +45 3252 2908

You can see the location of  the site on google maps.